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   About us


We are a local society run by volunteers, and part of the universally respected The Arts Society, which has established and supported local Arts Societies around the world.  The Arts Society UK can now boast 389 local societies and over 90,000 members worldwide.


Established in 2017 by an enthusiastic group of art lovers, our Society in the Marina Alta has a strong core of members of many nationalities and cultural backgrounds. 

Our objective is to promote awareness and enjoyment of the arts, as well as enhancing knowledge of a broad canvas of related cultural subjects … and most importantly, enjoying ourselves whilst doing so. 


Our lectures are presented by accredited experts drawn from the Arts Society’s Directory of Speakers; all of whom are experts and engaging communicators in their own right.

Everyone is welcome, come and join us!

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We are a friendly society with members of many nationalities. To enquire about the different levels of membership, please contact Tony Cabban, Chairman,

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